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6 May 2009

Goodness I’m taking forever with all of these updates. Sorry about that.

So this brings us to the final stop on European Adventure! Part 1. Venice. 


The land of a million canals and tiny bridges and many overpriced gondolas full of tourists.



Venice was probably the smoothest city of the trip…no major inconveniences or travel annoyances. Though I thought the directions for how to get to the hostel were particularly hilarious. It was like clues on a magical treasure hunt.

I’m not kidding. These were the directions, word for word:

Once you walk out of the train station , you will see a big bridge to your left. Walk over this and turn right so the canal is now on your right (fondamenta S. Simon Piccolo) . Continue walking along the canal cross a small bridge always canal on the right walk turn left and pass a green bridge on your right contiue walking (canal on your right) , pass a white bridge(on your right) walk over a little wooden bridge and go straight on (fondamenta del rio Novo) than follow round the left where you need to pass one bridge but walk over the second , turn left so that the canal is on your left, turn right at the end (into Rio de Santa Margherita) , cross the second bridge( on your left) and continue straight on until you come to a big square , Campo Santa Margherita, where Hotel Antico Capon is opposite and slightly on your right . Welcome.

But it turned out that once we actually started following the directions, they were very detailed and clear, and we had no problem making it. On paper though, it’s kind of hilarious. Our hostel was in this square:


It had a leaky sink and no hot water in the shower (it was like bathing in a melting polar ice cap) but we only stayed there one night. Our second hostel gave us a free upgrade to a three person private ensuite room, so that made up for it in my opinion. And it was also Venice culture week, so the art museum (full of Venetian masters of course) we went to was free! Yay!

In Venice, you encounter lots of surprising things on boats. I was particularly enchanted by the farmers’ market boat


and fascinated by the garbage boat.


It had a crane arm, much like the short lived garbage-can picker-upper claw that used to come through my neighborhood at home.

Obviously, I climed to the top of the Cathedral.



Actually, it’s more accurate to say “walked up a staircase to like the third floor of a normal building.” It wasn’t very high, but in my book, it still counts as being on top of a Cathedral.

Remember that scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indy goes into that library place


and ends up in some catacombs and has to exit through a manhole cover into a square?


So that’s actually the church of St. Barnaba, which was around the corner from our 1st night hostel.


Some stewpod guy walked right in front of my photo, so I just put Indy on top of him. Speaking of fun with ghetto Photoshop Paint, this is me in my Carnival outfit:


My date though…he was rather bland, unfortunately.

Venice is pretty. It’s all about wandering through streets and getting lost along the canals and then magically figuring out where you are again. I will be sad when it eventually sinks into the ocean.

From Venice, I had a rather uneventful vaporetto (like a bus but water) ride to the bus station, and then it was on to the airport on the mainland. My flight was empty, so not only did I get to sit by the window while we flew over THE ALPS, I also had a whole row to myself.

The rest of the pics are here. There are some interesting little details and tidbits in the captions.

So two weeks after getting back, I’m finally done chronicalling EA!P1. It was an amazing experience: full of ups and downs, sprinkled with misshaps and moments of incredible life romance. I’m really proud of myself.

EA!P2 planning is well underway. I should be studying, but picking hostels and booking flights and researching sites are all way funner activities.

Still to come in the updates department: Greenwich, Brick Lane, Abbey Road, and Winchester/Chawton (aka Jane Austen-ville).