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I got to Scotland ‘afore ye

11 March 2009

Yes yes yes I am very behind in blog-update-age. Please accept my profuse apologies.

So anyway, rewinding to the last weekend in February, I went to Scotland!

I like to imagine the whole thing in the frame of Harry Potter. As previously mentioned, everything in England is either exactly like Narnia or Harry Potter, and this was DUH Harry Potter.

We went on a train. From Kings Cross Station. With a group of students. To a mysterious and unknowable location in Scotland.

Aka, Hogwarts.


There was a snack trolley and everything. And some annoying gits who kept trying to intrude on our compartment. By compartment, I mean group of 4 seats near each other.

Our tour guide wore a kilt and had crazy Scottish hair. He knew SO MUCH and talked pretty much the whole time we were in the Highlands on the bus. We saw Loch Lomond (that is a sad sad song if you know the meaning) and Loch Lochey and Loch Lochey Lochey Lochey Loch (ok that’s not real, but the 1st one is) and Loch Ness and part of the train tracks the Hogwarts express goes on and the hillside where Hagrid’s hut is and lots of clan territory and THE LOCH NESS MONSTER.


That’s right. I saw Nessie. I know you’re jealous.

The guide told us some of the leading theories about the identity of the LNM, and one of my friends slept through it, so I filled her in while we walked around some castle ruins on the banks of the Loch.

FRIEND: So what’s the deal with this monster?
ME: Um well, sonar, blah blah blah, ancient tunnels to the sea. One of the leading theories, though, is that it’s actually a giant cactus.
FRIEND: Oh cool.
WIND: blows.
FRIEND: Wait. What?
ME: Yeah a giant cactus from when the Loch was connected to the ocean.
FRIEND: I think this treacherous bus trip has damaged your brain like a shaken baby.
ME: What? Giant catfish. Isn’t that what I said?
FRIEND: Not at all. I shall…go over here now…kthxbye.

We also learned about clan wars and the Jacobite rebellion and whisky (no “e”) and hostels and rugby fans and the best bridge in the world and how the scottish mountains used to be higher than the Himalayas.

It was SO. Beautiful. A lot of bits reminded me of the Dixie Hicks tour around Colorado.


Pretty epic, right??

It felt like there was a much greater sense of identity and pride in Scotland (as opposed to England). Maybe that’s because of all the years of oppression and having to stand up to The Man (england).

And finally, I’m proud to announce that this was a 2 album trip! Scotland could not be contained in one measley 60 photo facebook album (though some people no longer seem to have this limit, and I don’t understand why) so please checkout this AND this!!

So that was brief, and I’m probably leaving out lots of good bits, but I’ve got to get to bed before I fall asleep on the keyboard. 

Hey East Coast: good news! I’m only 4 hours ahead of you from now until March 29.

More soon about this weekend’s Ireland trip and tomorrow’s little jaunt to Oxford.


Teaser Trailer!!

3 March 2009