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1 January 2009

In one week plus one hour, I will be arriving in London!!!

Things I have:


new clothes

non-sneaker walking shoes to prevent pickpocket targeting

bed things

copy of prescriptions


Things I need:


plug converty things


to pack!


I still can’t believe it’s actually almost happening!


Leaving on a jet plane

4 December 2008

From: Orlando
To: Gatwick (London)
Depart: 7 Jan 2009 18:35
ArriveL 8 Jan 2009 07:35
Class: World Traveller Plus
Operated by: British Airways
Booking status: Confirmed

From: Gatwick (London) Terminal N
To: Orlando
Depart: 13 Jun 2009 13:30
Arrive: 13 Jun 2009 17:45
Class: World Traveller
Operated by: British Airways
Booking status: Confirmed


Just spent a jillion dollars on a plane ticket to England!!

It’s getting so much closer to Really Happening!

Nobody doesn’t not get in

2 September 2008

I wonder though, realistically, how many people get into their 1st choice for study abroad. It’s got to be way easier than normal college or grad school apps, right? I’m a little nervous, but the websites seem to indicate that for normal undergrad, non-abroadness, they will essentially take you automatically with an IB diploma, and I have one of those, so that makes me feel good. Unless I wasn’t reading it correctly, in which case, I have bigger problems…

In other news, I have secured 2 letter-of-recommendation writers! The junior class dean who I took a class with and my adviser, the director of the creative writing program. Yay!