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17 March 2009



In Dublin’s Fair City…

14 March 2009

…where the girls are so pretty
I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone.


And she is WELL endowed, if you know what I mean. 

This trip made me a little bit nervous because it was organized by us, required passports, involved airports and getting there on public transport under time constraints (ahemNORWAYahem) but everything worked out SPLENDIDLY. As the hostel chooser, I am quite proud to say that it was rather nice and PERFECTLY located on the River Liffey by O’Connell Bridge.


This is a different bridge, but you get the idea.

Dublin is a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. We managed to walk almost the whole time, with the exception of on the way back from the Gaol/Modern Art Museum when we realized the walking we had done in two sections before was daunting as a single journey. Then we took the bus and encountered a crazy old man who yelled all of the stops, a sad woman with the whooping cough and too many toothless children, and an adorable boy and his father:

SON: Hey Da, when we got on it was empty and now it’s full.
DAD: Yes, son. That’s the way of busses.

It sounded a lot better with an irish accent. Just trust me on this one.

We were walking around in Temple Bar our first night and heard some AMAZING irish music coming from upstairs…and stumbled in on this:

It was free! But after a few songs, we had to leave because we hadn’t bought drinks. Oh well.

In other news, I saw lots of beer, lots of churches, and practically the whole set of the brilliant movie Once.

Not to mention James Joyce, the Book of Kells, a giant Spire that is, in fact, smaller than the space needle, a leprechaun, four-leafed clover, and an unfortunate amount of sidewalk vomit. Sorry. That was probably TMI.

Sunday morning, we went about 30 minutes outside of the city to the charming seaside village of Howth. It was so windy. I felt like I was one of those weathermen who blows away on camera during a hurricane.


Seriously. And I saw 2 sailboats capsize and everything. On an unrelated note, I also saw 2 seals.

It was SO PRETTY though. We found this magical cove with rocks and tidepools and caves and exploring ensued.



Oh yeah. It was hardcore. Hardcore awesome.

The weather was crazy though. It went from sunny to cloudy to pouring and back again at least 82 times while we were there.

In conclusion, Dublin is a cool city, but I’d really love to go back to Ireland and see the countryside and some other town, rolling green hills, and castles (Dublin’s “castle” is a weird office park amalgamation of old buildings and junk from the 1970s that was utterly incomprehensible…).

More pictures: In Dublin’s Fair City and The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling. Can you name those tunes?


Coming soon, to a web browser near you:

Updates on Oxford, charming campus anecdotes, more Londoning, and my trip to York (which starts tomorrow, so I’m not yet behind on that).