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19 January 2009

Does anyone have any idea what this might be?day-11

As  far as I can tell, it seems like eggs and tea bags? (Oh JK…just googled boiled eggs and tea bags and they must be Chinese Tea Eggs) But it has been on the stove for closing in on 48 hours, and I’m a little bit afraid of it. Also curious enough to clandestinely take a picture of it with my iPhone while no one else was in the kitchen.

Today was beautiful and sunny! It did not rain or fog or cloud up AT ALL. So I took a walk around campus in order to hang out with my new bffl, Queen

She’s getting a little clingy though. Every time I turn around, it seems like there’s another statue/monument/shrine to her. QVic, come on, I need some space.

I also stumbled upon someone (I like to think it was the Phantom of the Opera, getting ready for his Broadway sequel) playing the organ in the otherwise empty Royal Holloway chapel. I’m having some technical difficulties with posting the video, but I’ll try to figure it out, because it’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Tonight some of the Int’ls and I had a little take-out dinner party with Indian and Chinese in one of the girl’s flat’s. I was underwhelmed, but the prices were pretty good considering.

Tomorrow begins week 2 of lectures! Back to reading Mary Barton now. It’s a bit of a downer…so far at least 5 people have died of various sicknesses and ailments and other things that trouble the lower working class in 1830s Manchester.


Days 7 & 8: Digestive Biscuits

16 January 2009

I’ve been here for a week!

There’s someone I’d like you to meet.

Everyone, these are digestive biscuits:day-7-0041

Digestive biscuits, this is everyone. Say hi.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Digestive biscuits?? Sounds like something you give your dog to help with, well, you know.” But you’re wrong. They are delightful little cookies that come in approximately a jillion different varieties. I personally am a big fan of the chocolate covered

Can we all be friends now?

Ok good.

In other news, I finally got my classes all sorted out. Yay! I switched from 3rd Year Victorian fiction (which I “would be at a disadvantage” in because it’s continuing the sequence from the 19th century novel class I’m taking now) to 2nd year Women Writers of the Romantic Period. The bad news is that I missed the 1st class. Also that I have class from 10-4 on Tuesdays…with…erm…no break. But the good news is that I have Wednesdays through Sundays completely free. Minus my minimum recommended 32 hours of studying.

Unfortunately, I can only check out 10 books at a time from the library, so I’ve already maxed out my allotment in the 1st week. I was greatly saddened when the magical radiation electron scanning check out machine (you just put the books in this compartment, up to 10 at a time, and it KNOWS what they are) cut me off. I suppose I’ll be better off in the long run if I go ahead and buy some so there won’t be any worries around exam/essay time about them being available in the libs.

Tomorrow, so help me God and the Queen, I’m going to work on reading The Iliad. If I hadn’t come abroad, I believe I would’ve escaped higher education without ever having to tackle that beast. As you might guess, I’ve been avoiding it like the plague.

Sunglasses: Day 6

14 January 2009


I almost had to dig out my sunglasses and wear them today. You may be thinking “WHAT? She needed to wear sunglasses in ENGLAND in JANUARY? Oh, what a world!” Now, don’t go getting your knickers all in a twist–I said almost. I didn’t actually. There were 2 sunbeams and a patch of blue sky hanging around for a little bit, so I contemplated protecting my senstive eyeballs from those piercing rays…then the sun set at 4, and everything went back to dark as usual. Crisis averted.

I had two more classes today. In British drama, we had to act out a scene. That was kind of fun. But then another Int’l and I stupidly stood outside Epic, our next class, for 5 minutes because we thought it was the previous class that hadn’t finished yet. So we finally went in during the tutors very very rapid summary of the Iliad, which made my brain want to explode a tiny bit. I managed to escape seminar without having to answer any questions (again…haven’t done the reading) but I did have to read a passage aloud about Petrolium or Petroclus or something. After, another of the girls in the class said to me “I never knew what people meant about the difference with the English and American accent, but now I get it!” And I was like “So sorry to trouble you with my coarse yankee speech.” No, what I actually said was something along the lines of “Oh hahahaha! Smile.”

Still haven’t sorted out the issue with my fourth class. I’m going back to the English office tomorrow to see if spaces have opened up in a class that I’m more qualified for. Fingers crossed!

New pictures! These are significantly less exciting than the Windsor ones, but they show bits of campus, Egham, and my flat.