The Queen

I saw The Queen

‘s flag at Buckingham Palace!


They only fly that bad boy when the Queen is in residence. Which she was. 


If only I could see through walls, then I would’ve seen her. CURSE YOU, lame, regular, non-wall-through-seeing eyeballs!

But I’ll tell you who I did see.

Go ahead. Guess.

The President of Mexico, that’s right!! Exactly who you were thinking I’d run into next to St. James Park. In London. England.

While I was becoming one with St. James Park (we bonded for 2.5 hours), I noticed that England was going to a surprising decorative motif: the Mexican flag.


See them on the left, beyond the oodles of my new favorite flower?


So I was definitely curious about that. Who knew England had 100s of Mexican flags just lying around? Later, when I finally rendezvoused with the Smiths, we were walking back toward Buckingham Palace when a large herd of Important Looking People in Suits start ambling in our direction. I postulated that they must be the Mexican delegation, due to the fact that they were speaking Spanish and accompanied by what I assumed to be the British version of the secret service (ear pieces and all). They passed us, not 10 feet away, when Mr. Randy says “Well, there goes the President of Mexico!”

And that, ladies and gents, is the story of how I saw the President of Mexico (and unfortunately, not the Queen) in London, England.



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