In which I stumble upon a Magical Fairy Glen

The scene:

There is a Certain Way you always walk to get from one Certain Place to another Certain Place. Your path converges with other paths that you sometimes use to go from that same Certain Place to Other Certain Places besides the previously mentioned Certain Places. But there is one path that you never take. It is not a malicious snub by any means–it’s just not a path you need to take to get to anywhere you need to go. So it stays unexplored…always lurking on the edge of your consciousness, but not a necessary part of your existence.

And then one day, you are on that Certain Path from Certain Place to Certain Place, and you stop at the crossroads of that Other Path. You think to yourself, “I always walk this way, and never that way. I wonder what could be over there.” Now, you’ve thought this previously, but it’s an impulse on which you’ve never before acted. Sure, you could’ve gone down the Other Path ages ago. For numerous reasons, you just…haven’t. You shake your head, about to walk on to the Certain Place, as usual, and then…

Maybe it’s the angle of the sun, or the wind blowing the daffodils, or the birds chirping their little hearts out, or some other amalgamation of factors.

…And then, you forget about the Certain Path to the Certain Place, and you step boldly down the Other Path, venturing into a land of untold glories.

And you stumble upon this:

Or, at least, that’s what you feel like you stumble upon. You actually stumble upon this:

Which is just as lovely, only lacking in deforestation monsters, which ultimately works out in your favor.


There’s a bridge, a bench


and a babbling brook.


And hyacinths! You love hyacinths!


And…um…these things! They are also quite lovely.


This whole time, the Other Path was hiding a Magical Fairy Glen! Maybe it was there all along, waiting for you to ditch the Certain Path and the complacency for which it stands.

Or maybe the Rose Bush Gateway to the Magical Fairy Glen only opens for those who can let go of their obligations to Certainty.


You don’t know the answer. And it doesn’t matter.

You’ll go back to the Certain Path because it makes the most sense to use it to get from Certain Place to Certain Place. But from now on, whenever you pass the Other Path, you’ll look wistfully down it, smiling, squinting, and remembering all the magic that is there, if only you take the time to need it.


The end.


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