They tried to make me write a recap; I said “No, No, No.”

Yes I been traveling, but when I come back you’ll know, know, know.
I ain’t got the time, and if my daddy thinks I’m fine 
You tried to make me write a recap, but I won’t, fo’ sho, sho, sho.



If you insist.

This music video is about 10 times lamer than the last 2 I posted. And by music video, I mean there is music and video, occurring simultaneously. Organ music. Your typical MTV fare, if you know what I mean.

BUT. You can see how freaking BEAUTIFUL York Minster is, all the while being serenaded by the quintessential church instrument.

Did you see the part where it goes like waaaaaay up? The super tall tower part? Yeah, that’s the tower we climbed to the top of. The stairs were in this terrifyingly tiny little windy shaft on the side, and then we ended up literally on top of the cathedral.

So that was awesome. My legs were a little bit upset about it, though. I was afraid to sit down because I didn’t want a Barney Stuck on the Subway How I Met Your Mother-esque Scenario. I love that show. I’m in Season 3 now. You should watch it, if you don’t. If you do, we should talk about it, because it’s probably my favorite thing besides England right now.

York also included going on a ghost tour, wandering emo-ly in the moors that inspired the Brontes, frolicking around a ruined abbey, and being generally amazed by the countryside. Pretty Pictures!

Now how about this for a transition?

That’s on a bridge over the River Wye, which forms much of the border between England and Wales. 

Grace, Tyler, Hannah F (from Barnard) and I went to Wales last weekend for a bit of adventure!

We saw a ruined abbey,


the WORST place to have a bookstore ever,


and a creepy haunted mansion hotel (that we stayed at).


Ok, so it doesn’t look so creepy in the daytime, but if you’d been INSIDE at night with the weird Victorian decor and the empty ghost lurking around every corner feeling, you’d think it was creepy too. And to top it all off, it was called Baskerville Hall Hotel. Yes. Those Baskervilles. As in Hounds of The…

But f I had to pick 1 word to summarize Wales, it would be sheep.


I think I saw a million times as many sheep as people. Those are exact figures, mind you. AND LIL BABY LAMBS ARE MY NEW FAVORITE THINGS! So. Cute. Part of the trip was a 3.5 hour horseride through the Brecon Beacons National Park, and we even rode through fields of sheep. You don’t know cute until a lamb baas at you when you are in its field. We could even hear them way up in the hills.

These hills:


Why, yes. You may call me National Velvet. Thanks for asking.


On the way home, I was quite sleepy, so I kept dozing on the bus. And everytime I woke up, I swear, we were in a roundabout. I suspected conspiracy–surely we must’ve been driving in circles exclusively, but no, we arrived in Oxford around 8pm. Why were we in Oxford? Because the Bus Drivers Union decrees that drivers need a 45 minute break when you are soooo close to being home (this happened on the way home from York too). If I were I bus driver, I’d skip that and get home 45mins earlier, but whatever.

It was then that I had my brilliant idea: take the train straight to Egham from there, thus saving myself the 45 min break, the tube trip to Waterloo, and the 40 minute train ride in the direction I’d just come (we literallly drove by RoHo on the way to Wales the day before). So I walk to the station using my memoriez from the trip to Oxford a few weeks ago, get to the station, get on the train to Reading. La la la perfect.

I get off at Reading and check the screens for the connecting train on the line that heads toward Waterloo. Hmm. Weird. It’s not on the little TV screens with departures. It’s not on the LED announcing things by the tracks. It’s not on the giant info boards at the entrance to the station. After helping a drunken drunk man read the sign and determine the next train to Paddington, I began to worry that I had taken a horrible transport misstep that would leave me stranded in Reading indefinitely.

Luckily, there was a worker lady in the ticket window.

ME: Um, excuse me? AretherenotrainstowaterlooIdon’twanttodiehere???
LADY: Not directly no. There’s trackwork.
ME: whimper. Ok, so, um, how do I get to Egham? And if you say ‘walk,’ I WILL cry.
LADY: There’s replacement bus service to Nowherevillehaven. Then you can get back on the train there. The bus stops out there by those drunken people in crazy Irish hats.
Me: …if you say so. But if I die, the blood is ON YOUR HANDS.

It wasn’t actually that traumatic. It was a little traumatic, but not in a major way. She even printed me out a little itenerary receipt. And there was indeed a bus next to the bar labeled “REPLACEMENT BUS SERVICE TO BRACKNELL(aka Nowheresvillehaven)” and a little Southwest Trains Important Man with Clipboard standing at the ready.

Spoiler alert: I made it. 

Despite the bus diversion, I did get home faster than I would’ve if I stayed with the tour group on the coach. So high five, me.

Check out the rest of Wales in pictures

There are probably more adventures I could recount at this point, but BRITISH SUMMER TIME (sounds better than Daylight Savings in my opinion) goes into effect tonight, so I’m losing an hour of sleep.

WOW my computer magically just did it. High five, Julian!


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