Royal Holliday

You may have forgotten, as I am prone to from time to time, that I came to England with the intention of, ahem, “studying” abroad.

So this fact re-occured to me, and then I looked at the calendar and realized that today was my last day of classes.

Well darn.

Just kidding. Obviously I KNEW that term was ending. This sounds very strange, because you may recall that I am here until June. 

Let me take a moment to explain this crazy British system of edumacation to you:

Term 2 (which just ended) is when the classes take place. Once a week for 10 weeks plus a silly “reading” week in the middle (11 weeks total), after which, many essays were due. Then we have this magical 1 month Easter vacation/”study” time. From April 27 until June, on four mystery dates that were TOP FREAKING SECRET UNTIL YESTERDAY, exams occur. That’s Term 3. Four days that matter out of a month and a half. Yay England!

In other charming campus news, I got hailed on in the sunshine last week, and also saw a dog eat a mole. Separate instances.



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