Turn around bright eyes


Get ready for a serious amount of awesome.

How to get this awesome:

Step 1: Watch this music video (the WHOLE thing) at least once (but preferably 2-5 times). Pay special attention to everyones’ eyes.

Step 2: Laugh and marvel at the straaaaaaaaaange yet incredible creation of Bonnie Tyler.

Step 3: Watch this cinematic homage, in which I guest star, that captures not only the essence of York/North England, but also its inherent gothic-ness and the eccentricity of the original video.

Step 4: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


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3 Responses to “Turn around bright eyes”

  1. Hannah Says:

    hahahahah I loved it! Glad you’re having funsies.

  2. colin Says:

    WELL DONE. That is all I can say. Ok, I can also say sweet video-editing skillz.

  3. It is a truth universally acknowledged… « life in londonland Says:

    […] weekend, I went to Hampshire with Miranda and Phoebe (of Bright Eyes fame) to commune with the spirit of Jane Austen and such. On the train there, it occurred to me the […]

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