Home of Oxford University and awesomeness.

Basically this is how the trip went:

LEONORE: (turns around) Ohemgee this is in Harry Potter!
LEONORE: (turns around again) Ohmagoodnass THIS is in Harry Potter!!
LEONORE: (turns another direction) Ohhhhhlawdy that… isn’t in Harry Potter. But it’s REAL pretty.
LEONORE: (dizzy from turning) I feel smart by osmosis.

Also, interestingly enough, we randomly ran into a girl I kinda know of from Barnard, and she was really nice and took us inside her college (as they are known) and gave us the DL on Oxford Life.

Not to be lame, but I made suuuuuuuper awesome/detailed photo captions, so check out my fb album if you want the more detailed scoop.


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One Response to “Oxford”

  1. Anna Says:

    wow england has made you way more southerner.
    not that i object.

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