Highlights from last weekend:

  1. Hearing Big Ben strike three o’clock and play the same melody  as the “Westminster” setting on my doorbell.
  2. Venturing up to Hampstead (and it’s heath).
  3. Sliding around in the mud.
  4. Dancing in the mud and having the earth claim our limbs.
  5. Cooking teriyaki chicken.
  6. Seeing this view of London from the Heath:feb-7-038

Highlights from yesterday in London:

  1. 2 for 1 @ BRB!
  2. Eating cold pizza in the snow in Leicester Square.
  3. Making my poor tired sad dead umbrella try to protect me from the snow while everyone laughed at it.
  4. Thinking we got special treatment because we were in the National Portrait gallery after 6.
  5. Discovering that the NPG is open until 9pm on Thursdays.
  6. Seeing this bag head lady photo from the ads all over town (I’ve totally done this a million times…copycat):   bag

We also played a rousing game of  “Pick Three People from the Portraits Who You Would Marry and One Has to be From the Floor with Lots of Ugly Old Portraits.”

I picked:

Michael DahlNPG 3822, Michael Dahl

John Donnejohn-donne

And I realized I forgot to pick a third one, but then we were already in the gift shop, so…


Pirate Lord Nelson Ornament was my last minute desperation pick. The eye patch is kinda hot. Ignore the saucy lady in red.

It was a lot harder for the friend I was with because there were a lot less lady options, and most of them were…um…let’s just say ugly.

And I don’t know who this is, nor did I see this portrait, but he came up in my search for the other ones:mystery-guy3

HOTTIE! He’s on the top of my “Portraits I would Marry List” most definitely.

Today I bought a really awesome book for £1.99 at an op shoppe (that’s Australian for ‘thrift store’): The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. I’ll leave you with these words, selected at random:

Now Jove, in his next commodity of hair, send thee a beard.


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One Response to “Heath(cliff)”

  1. Maman Says:

    Oh the dancing video…hilarious! The culture you gained while visiting the NPG…priceless!

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