Sunglasses: Day 6


I almost had to dig out my sunglasses and wear them today. You may be thinking “WHAT? She needed to wear sunglasses in ENGLAND in JANUARY? Oh, what a world!” Now, don’t go getting your knickers all in a twist–I said almost. I didn’t actually. There were 2 sunbeams and a patch of blue sky hanging around for a little bit, so I contemplated protecting my senstive eyeballs from those piercing rays…then the sun set at 4, and everything went back to dark as usual. Crisis averted.

I had two more classes today. In British drama, we had to act out a scene. That was kind of fun. But then another Int’l and I stupidly stood outside Epic, our next class, for 5 minutes because we thought it was the previous class that hadn’t finished yet. So we finally went in during the tutors very very rapid summary of the Iliad, which made my brain want to explode a tiny bit. I managed to escape seminar without having to answer any questions (again…haven’t done the reading) but I did have to read a passage aloud about Petrolium or Petroclus or something. After, another of the girls in the class said to me “I never knew what people meant about the difference with the English and American accent, but now I get it!” And I was like “So sorry to trouble you with my coarse yankee speech.” No, what I actually said was something along the lines of “Oh hahahaha! Smile.”

Still haven’t sorted out the issue with my fourth class. I’m going back to the English office tomorrow to see if spaces have opened up in a class that I’m more qualified for. Fingers crossed!

New pictures! These are significantly less exciting than the Windsor ones, but they show bits of campus, Egham, and my flat.


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