Cheers: Days 4 and 5

I swear I have heard people say cheers at least three times the normal amount I usually hear it (which is at New Years and special occasions). Based on my observations, it seems like you can use it to replace “thanks” when someone holds the door for you or when you’re saying something like bye/have a good day/see ya later. I will have to investigate the matter further before I come to a solid conclusion. I’ll get back to you.

Yesterday was supposed to be the day where I got organized and got the rest of the stuff I need in Egham, but alas, no. I didn’t set my alarm, so obvi I slept really late (ahem1pmahem). And then, lo and behold, practically all of Egham is closed on Sundays, except Tesco (the grocery) which closes at the nightowl hour of 4pm. It’s going to be a major adjustment a) not having the grocery less than a block away and b) EVERYTHING CLOSED when I want to be at the store.

Not all was lost, however, because I successfully remembered the short cut along the RR tracks/through the neighborhood. It’s a lot more pleasant than the hazardous Egham Hill Road route with the cars rushing by and the noise and the bushes poking over the sidewalk.

And, I got to take in the scenery along the way. Tell me, what do you think this means:day-4-001

 Is the paint just so slippery that you cannot climb it? Does it cause your limbs to decay and fall from your body, thus rendering  you physically unable to scale the fence? Or is it like those people who just have security signs in their yard but no actual security system?

Also they have what I call “power-tents”:day-4-002

See how it’s sort of draping over the houses like a giant circus tent? Work with me, people!

Woke up this morning to some jolly good English rain! It was that kind of rain where it’s definitely happening, but just not quite enough to call for the opening of ones umbrella. That was a bit troubling, to say the least.

It was also the first day of the new term (not semester). I triple checked my time table (not schedule) and made it to the right classes at the right time in the right places. Victory! The course (not class) tutor (not professor) is really nice for the ones I went to today (Gaskell, Eliot & Dickens–the lecture and the seminar). Unfortunately, we visiting int’ls did not get the memo that you’re supposed to have already done reading (in this case a whole novel) for the 1st meeting of the class. Oooops! But it was all ok and fine no worries. I just have a ton of reading to do this weekend!!

I finally finished organizing and decorating my room! Yay! Here’re some highlights: day-5-001

That’s my desk and bboard, and here’s my bed (yes, it’s a full, and that’s a AAA map of England)day-5-0022

Like I said, nicest. dorm. ever.

More pictures of town and campus and my room coming soon (via link to fb album).

And how ’bout that Prince Harry? What a charming fellow. Geez.


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4 Responses to “Cheers: Days 4 and 5”

  1. vedan Says:

    its not a dorm, its a residence hall… fyi 🙂

    • londonland Says:

      oh haha. that’s right. how could i forget.
      actually i think they call it accomodation instead of housing…and the GHD types are called “wardens.”

  2. twotruthsandlies Says:

    Lady Leonore! I looked up the anti-climb paint (wikipedia, fyi), and it is an oil-based paint, and by oil-based I mean mostly oil. As a common courtesy most people only paint it starting 2-2.5 meters from the bottom of the fence or wall so it won’t ruin the clothing of passersby. So if you climb it, just remember it’s slippery. See you soon!

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