Day 3

As my third day in England comes to a close, I thought I’d share some of the observations I’ve made over the last 72 hours.

First, I am not the only one who names my vacuum:


Found those lovely little darlings for sale in one of the shops in Egham while we were looking for Voltage converters and plug adaptors.

Second, orange juice is served at every meal, and this is apparently completely normal. Yesterday, we had orange juice with breakfast, orange juice with lunch of little sandwhiches, and orange juice with pizza for dinner (weird). Orange juice was also one of the three options at lunch in Windsor today. It’s not bad orange juice either.

Third, you apparently have to do something other than stand at a bus stop in order to get it to stop and let you on. That was very upsetting to discover when I had to carry 2 heavy bags of groceries 15 mins back up the hill in the cold to RH.

In other news, I stood on the grave/tomb of Henry VIII in Windsor. KING HENRY THE EIGHT! His bones were decaying under the floor I stood on today. IT WAS SO COOL!

In case anyone’s interested, here’s the view out my window on the one sunny day (note the castley part in the distance- that’s Founders Building)windsor-001

My room isn’t quite decorated and organized yet, but pictures of that coming soon.

For the full photographic chronicle of the previously alluded to trip to Windsor, please see the rather extensively captioned FB album: Democracy Now


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6 Responses to “Day 3”

  1. Hannah Says:

    I see no castle-y things in the difference!

  2. londonland Says:

    in the distance?
    right by the building on the left in the between the buildings part? it’s a bit foggy, but you can see the tip of it over the trees.

  3. Anna Says:

    it isn’t normal to have oj whenever?

    • londonland Says:

      no…in my experience its pretty much only a staple at bkfast/brunch.

      you really think pizza and oj is normal?

  4. Anna Says:

    normal enough.
    also, doesn’t hew hew offer oj at all hours of the day?
    i guess i’m just a big oj apologist…

    • londonland Says:

      well that’s because its like in a machine. obvi they don’t take the machine away after breakfast.
      yeah! stop minimizing my culture shock!!

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