I am having one.

Back three years, to the tender young age of high school senior. Today, I finally actually filled out my application forms (in hard copy! how old skool). I’m still finishing up my personal statement, and the whole thing is giving me heart palpitations! Even writing my name and copying my address and figuring out how to write my telephone number with the appropriate codes was making me all anxious!

On the plus side though, it just occurred to me that there aren’t any application fees! Sweet.

It was my goal to finish and mail everything today, however, it is a holiday. Curse you, Columbus, for having your day when I need to go the post office and have them explain to me how to mail things overseas and how much it costs and is magic required etc. etc.

I’m also trying to remember how to achieve a balance of serious explaining of myself to being charming and witty in my essay. It’s leaning to the latter.



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